Ralphie Caramel

Ralphie is a bit of a forager as he likes to go digging for truffles that way he can sell them on for a ton of cash and then he can splash out on some real bear gold. And in case you are wondering what bear gold is, well in Ralphie’s case it’s a very sizable catering jar of honey.’ Why don’t you just forage for honey in the first place’ I ask. ‘Truffles are a walk in the park to sniff out and dig up. There‘s no messing about inching your way along perilously bendy branches plus this way I don’t get my nose stung either’ You have to admire his gumption.  


Ralphie is 56cm/22" head to toes (45cm/17 1/2" sitting) and has the most gorgeous Schulte mohair fur of gold background tipped with caramel brown. His paws are distressed soft kid leather with needle sculpted toes. He is 5 way jointed with lock line armature in arms and legs and is stuffed with poly fill and ball bearings for a pleasing heavy weight. He has dark topaz English glass eyes and leather eyelids. His nose is hand sculpted and then covered with leather then waxed to a soft shine. Ralphie has been subtlety hand coloured just a little around his eyes and muzzle and is wearing a check neckerchief and has a little leather bag with an old silver plated spoon for the digging and collecting of his truffles. 


As my bears are traditionally constructed with metal pins and glass eyes they are not suitable for children under 14
Hand made in the United Kingdom
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