Mr Henry Ringtinkle 

Henry  Ringtinkleis a very tradional bear who has a great penchant for travel. He first embarked on a 'grande tour' of Europe as a giddy foolhardy young bear hardly out of short trousers. Taking in the classic antiquity of Italy and Greece he quickly discovered a passion for exploring foreign cultures and distant lands. He was presumed lost and dead on several occasions. Once on a trip up the Amazon but was luckily found by a local tribes man collecting honey and surviving well. Most of his adventures are behind him now as he 'officially' retired from the more dangerous part of the world after a near death experience with a giant Squid but that doesn't stop him wandering off at the drop of a hat. So if you hear a distant tinkle don't be surprised to see it coming from a bear enjoying a day out.
Henry is 42cm/16 1/2" from head to toes (30cm/12" sitting) and has beautiful Schulte gold mohair fur and soft distressed leather paws. His muzzle is scissor trimmed and has a pearl cotton embroidered nose sealed with wax. He is 5 way jointed, has English dark topaz glass eyes and his face has been hand coloured for character. He is softly stuffed with poly fibre and steel shot for weight and as befitting an old bear has a slight sag in the body. Henry is wearing a leather collar studded with bells to help you locate him when he decides to just see what he might find round the next corner.... 

As my bears are traditionally constructed with metal pins and glass eyes they are not suitable for children under 14
Hand made in the United Kingdom
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