Louisa Raddish
Louisa Radish is in love! She has just received the bunny equivalent of a red rose and a box of chocolates all rolled into one – a beautiful large red radish. It’s far too nice to eat right away so she is trying to make her way home. But it’s taking forever as she can’t help but stop every so often, take out her lovely radish, breathe in its peppery perfume and day dream of her handsome young buck. He truly must love her! Oh it gives Louisa butterflies just thinking about him.

Louisa is 18cm/7" stood from head to toes (24cm/9 1/2" stood ear tips to toes) and has gold mohair tipped with brown, and an ivory tummy, bob tail and cheeks of super soft alpaca. Her ears and toes are kid leather and her face is scissor trimmed for character. She is 5 way jointed has dark olive glass eyes with lovely long eyelashes and is stuffed with poly fibre and steel shot. Louisa is wearing her Sunday best of a tiny straw hat and a little cape (that is reversible red spotty/brown check depending where she is going) and comes complete with her little basket containing a beautiful big needle felted radish.

This is an Artist Bunny and not suitable for children under the age of 14.

As my bears are traditionally constructed with metal pins and glass eyes they are not suitable for children under 14
Hand made in the United Kingdom
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