Lollo Biscotti

I blame myself really for Lollo's love of all things Italian. It all began after I told him about my holiday to Florence and he was hooked. He started to learn the language, swapped custard creams for biscotti and then changed his name from Craig to Lollo. I expect it was my tales of the amazing ice creams all piled up in mounds of delicious flavours that really convinced him. He does especially like ice cream.

Lollo is 32cm/12 1/2" from head to toes and has soft beige mohair fur and ultasuade paws. He has a black needle felted and embroidered nose stitched claws and expressive cotton eyebrows. He is 5 way jointed and weighted with a little steel shot. His face, ears, paws and body are subtly hand coloured and also scissor trimmed and a little bald in places for a care worn appearance. Lollo is wearing a beautiful vintage/aged look cotton and linen play suit and hat with vintage pearl buttons and lace detailing. He also comes with his own little balloon a plain ribbon for those days when he doesn't feel like getting dressed up.

As my bears are traditionally constructed with metal pins and glass eyes they are not suitable for children under 14
Hand made in the United Kingdom
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