Edward Barnsley

Teddy Ed’ is a proper sensible type of bear. He takes pride in his role as a friend confidant and all round hugger. Always there, always willing to listen and always available for cuddles. He doesn’t worry if you forget about him for a while or are too busy to give him the odd chin tickle now and then. He’ll sit and wait and is happy to be around just on the off chance that a situation may arise when only a proper sensible type of bear will do.


Edward is 46cm/18" (36cm/14" sitting) from head to toes and has straw coloured mohair fur and distressed leather paws. His muzzle is scissor trimmed, subtly hand coloured and topped with a prominent embroidered nose sealed to a soft shine. He is 5 way jointed, has English glass amber coloured eyes and is stuffed with poly fibre and weighted with a few ball bearings. Edward is a wearing a hand knitted winter ruff in tweedy reds and oranges trimmed with a bell.


This is an artist bear and suitable for children under the age of 14.

As my bears are traditionally constructed with metal pins and glass eyes they are not suitable for children under 14
Hand made in the United Kingdom
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