Bainbridge Huggle

One of my traditional classic big bears.

Bainbridge is 53cm/21" from head to toes (37cm/14 1/2" sitting) and has thick soft curly mohair fur in a mix of greys and browns. His face has been delicately hand coloured just a little around the eyes and muzzle to bring out his character. Mr B has soft kid leather paws and an embroidered black cotton perle nose sealed to a soft shine. He is 5 way jointed with a wobble head joint and strong nuts and bolts for his arms and legs. His eyes are English glass in a greeny brown and have leather corded lids. He is weighted with ball bearings rubber pellets and very softly stuffed with polyfill which makes him a very lovely bear to hug that photos just cannot convey. Mr Bainbridge is wearing a gold satin ribbon tied in a bow. 

This is an artist bear and not suitable for children under the age of 14


As my bears are traditionally constructed with metal pins and glass eyes they are not suitable for children under 14
Hand made in the United Kingdom
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